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Laundry services energy saving project

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Laundry services consume a significant amount of hot water per day. Especially the iron press machines which require steam. Iron press machines are used to iron clothes. Heating water into steam to be used machines consumes a lot of electricity. The make-up water feeding into the machines usually at room temperature (approximately 220C), can be preheated using solar energy to 70-800 The heating elements in the machines will now heat the preheated water to steam hence consuming less energy. This translates to lower electric bills (up to 50% savings). This project was undertaken successfully for White Rose Laundry Services, Kenya.

The advantages to hot water pre-heaters are many. If used with a tank-less hot water heater, it decreases the amount of work the system has to do to supply water at the desired temperature. In short, it’s easier and takes less energy to heat water at ten degrees than twenty. As such this can alleviate many of the inadequate flow rate problems that sometimes plague these systems.
Stephen B. Pearl


The specific client’s laundry services required 250 litres of hot water per day. Sunraserg Energy Experts installed Kenyan made 250 litre solar water heating system with two flat plate panels (each 2square metres) for maximum heating. In normal domestic applications, the two panels heat an equivalent of 300 litres of water. However, for this application, the panels heat 250 litres in order to achieve higher temperatures that are as close to boiling temperatures as possible. Thus the machines will use electric elements for minimal heating hence saving on the electric bills.