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Commercial solar systems (PV or solar water heating) applications are becoming increasingly common throughout the Kenya with good reason. Rapidly increasing and unstable electricity rates, government incentives, and strong public approval make now the time to consider solar energy for your business.

Sunraserg Energy Experts offer full engineering and consultation services for your project. Solar panels for water heating or PV can be integrated into almost every aspect of your business landscape. From rooftops and car parking lots to ground mounted panels and custom trusses. Electricity or heat generation can range from a small percentage of your overall usage to your entire energy requirement. Better yet, Sunraserg solar systems are certified by the Energy Regulation Commission.

We are happy to arrange no cost project quotations.

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  • Three phase power output capabilities in solar PV
  • Intelligent hybrid inverters with ability to work with both solar and secondary power sources eg grid or generators
  • Complete solar water heating systems with back-up or supplemental heat from electric heating elements, gas, boiler water, steam or other renewable energy sources.
  • Solar preheat for existing hot water supply systems.
  • Dedicated engineering resource for system sizing.
  • Dedicated engineering design support our engineering staff will work closely with architectural and engineering firms to meet specified requirements.
  • System piping and wiring diagrams for plumbing works, electrical works solar PV or collector arrays.
  • Professional system sizing reports detailing solar contribution, collector area, energy consumption, energy savings, carbon offsets and more with tables and graphical charts that simplify data – provide to customers with proposals, quotations and during presentations.
  • Energy metering to confirm system performance and validate solar contribution.

Financial Benefits:

  • Energy costs for water heating reduced up to 60% or more.
  • Payback periods as short as 4-5 years in solar PV or 3-4 years in solar water heating systems
  • Complete systems qualify for a 30% federal tax credit of the total installed costs (no cap) through December 31, 2016.
  • Substantial return on investment and system payback.
  • Reduces operating costs - provides a hedge against rising energy costs and inflation.

System Components:

  • Robust three phase inverters inverters with capacities of up to 30kVA
  • Sturdy Panel mounting structures
  • Large battery banks to ensure efficient and proper power backup
  • Medium to large volume solar storage tanks.
  • Sunraserg solar thermal flat plate collectors.