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Solar thermal & PV components

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Sunraserg solar water heater accessories.

Sunraserg now offers high specification parts and accessories for solar water heaters. Our range of products include;

  • Collectors.
  • Controllers and data loggers for active systems.
  • Circulation pumps.
  • Back up electric heaters.
  • Sensors.
  • Fittings.
  • Repair parts.
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Solar PV components

In addition to solar panels, PV systems contain a considerable amount of supporting equipment, which serves to balance the system and to make it sustainably operational.

The extra components include:

  • Wiring.
  • Charge controllers
  • Energy storage devices (batteries)
  • Solar trackers
  • Mounting hardware
  • DC-AC inverters
  • etc. i.e. may vary depending on the scale and application.
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